{1-wine} 01.04.2020
'I almost vomited whilst I read it' - to steal the words of another {artist}.  I sat with the glass of Dolcetto.  I drank it through my mouth.  I thought about it.  My stomach thought about it.  What if it rejected it {back out} through the mouth?  To drink.  To vomit.  To think.  To write.  {To read}.  Is it voluntary?  Or did I make myself vomit?  Lest we forget 'word vomit' {Mean Girls do it best}.  Ruminating over vomit is putrid & tempting.  I am not the 'nauseated spectator' {E.Brinkema, 'Objects, Abjects, Close-Ups'}.  I am the nauseated thinker.  I am the nauseated drinker.

{2-wine} 02.04.2020
Yesterday's layered with today's & I felt sick {of motive}.  I poured it into my mouth & into my stomach after it had already been through my mouth and my stomach {& my other mouth}, a recurring fate. 'I would call it a crisis of excess ~ Desire | Need | Instinct' {U.Eco, 'On the Crisis of the Crisis of Reason'} to wear a wine coat over my chilly lumps of thinking.  {OR} IS IT COAT-ING ITSELF ON ME.  What I Desired before I put it on continues its method like Instinct.  Need is where it all turns into flimsy latex dripping wine, translucent, into yesterday's remains.

{3-wine} 03.04.2020
I can't remember this one without placing the last.  How many times did it fall from {impossible} grace into sludgy paper made subject with Hildegard-Jazz on ambiance?  Wine framed by glass & digital walls & inside-skin that lifts its peak in ecstasy so easily lost to broken necks & meditative Nowness.  There is no inner or outer, just aesthetics dropping on themselves in lost liquid inspiration yearning its solid stupor with eyes, not tongue{s}.  Private / Public, or the old In-y / Out-y, aggressively 'poised between the physical & the mental' {J.Gratton & M.Sherringham, 'Tracking the Art of the Project'}.

{4-wine} 04.04.2020
A final punch {fettered by sensory arousal}.  Don't highlight that mouthful; what about the one before the one before the one before I became finger-poised toxic shock.  'A coiled lasso circled the breast of his mount' {J.L.Borges, 'Mutations'} & fist-wrapped-on-stem transfomed from gulp to pierced mind limbs to symbol {of destruction}.  It shivers & kneels & loses its footing & Christ is back in the winepress fermenting whip to My Pleasure {a final choke always over a final gasp}.

{5-wine} 05.04.2020
Look at me; my wine; the wine's I.  Raise a glass to my raised glass {to my raised glass}.  The wine ain't got muscle until I swell it up, baby {Baby}.  & so we 'had no blood to pump around, but this simulation had an effect' {I.McEwan, 'Machines Like Me'} ~ snooze the note to replace the wine pixels with stamp-sized interpretations.  Wine{'}s Like Me & it didn't fancy itself today but shoved it in to duplicate 2's recurring fate.  With the wine in my veins, the baby {Baby} lapped it up & a trail of drinkers nibbling on drinkers {nibbling on drinkers} was set in motion. 

{6-wine} 06.04.2020
A single {signal} pour left after the heaving bottle {HOT HEAVE} & I'll pay.  B O T T L E  F E V E R.  The wine & its drinker suffer {BURN IT UP: 37.8c}.  The drinker & its wine don't care____ {my elephants are always pink died dyed Black}.  I 'T O S S E D  O F F  T H E  C O N T E N T S'+ {G.Eliot, 'Janet's Repentance'}.  PART I: my first glass ~ performance lick | PART II: his second glass ~ improvise spit | PART III: her third glass ~ offstage spill.  A summary of a looseness of >a COIL; fermented liquid yearns for that {on either side of the curtain}.  I HAVE WINE EYES LIKE TERESA.  Open my mouth & I won't cry.  I'll down it like HELL.  & drink it forever {ETERNALLY} ~ {DAMNED}.  Wine in a marble vacuum; my Fluid shiny monstrance gone COLD like a Wife under the wine VEIL.

little     listening

{7-wine} 07.04.2020
7 SEPTETS  {composed for Day 7}


[in] a glass of wine

there is only the threat of my mind

-altering from its influence

& my sway{s}



no lid


[to] the critical point

of the hungry intellect as it

seeks pleasure

not in

every sip

but in every thought

a retribution {crumbling}


[so] take it away

the pillars look at me

& to nowhere

I might crawl

around or over

bottles light

with No-New{s}


[as] tongue{s} settle

behind the


& no sacrifice


his trodden



[they] fill her up as

looking around

gaps disappear

into the sphere

pulled up

latched onto

the lip{s}


[of] trembling {be}holder

sees the rays

that rip

the skins

& language's

seams slow



[in] a period of grace

tip{s} me over


{crisis uphold}




{8-wine} 08.04.2020
The loaded glass with no pleasant rim to slip (split) the finger
Strike the note implausible (internal waves / I shudder) NEXT
A moment of pause (pious; in the pope's tissue)
The potential of its being there & gone (& done it)
Bury your amphora bury your constants bury your moments of self(less / never)-doubt(ers)
BEFORE there is nothing ther there is nothing therr there is nothing therrr (vintages in the wrecks)
earthly weight on its shoulders THEN & a lizard creeps out of the (forming-fluid)
f-f: sorting liquor; a (base) base until it confronts its existence (match our moral-s / light it)
Lizard\ on my shoulder NOW
The loaded (BACK)stroke
RUINS on land that I drink
Spontaneous grapes\

{9-wine} 09.04.2020
['Daily recommendations for healthy wining.  Nourish your routine.  A daily wine care regimen need not be complicated.  I advocate a straightforward approach: gentle but thorough drinking, a balancing glass, and careful hydration.  'Vision is the art of seeing things invisible' {J.Swift, 'Aesop'}.  Register a complaint about this advice.  UNSUBSCRIBE.']

Wines 1 - 5:  Alpha Box & Dice 'Dead Winemaker's Society' Dolcetto
Wines 6 - 7:  T's Liebfraumilch
Wines 8 - 9: Sepp Moser 'Classic' Gruner Veltliner
Italia Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
Mandrarossa Fiano



{the old motto}

down it.